SCA Modern Roasting Essential

SCA Modern Roasting Essential

The curriculum modern roasting Roasting includes content not only about coffee roasting but also related complementary knowledge such as cupping - evaluation, green bean, machines, standards, markets,... The course is for those who trade in coffee and operate professional coffee roasters.

Rang cà phê là một môn nghệ thuật,và người rang cà phê là người nghệ sĩ

Green bean

  • Green bean Ingredients and Green bean Processing
  • Ingredients and parameters to know about ingredients
  • Criteria for selecting raw materials
  • Methods of measuring the quality of raw materials
  • Raw material market and prices

Machines - equipment

  • Roasting machine, Structure of roasting machine, Evaluation of machine parameters
  • Types of roasting machines and working principles
  • Roasting technologies
  • Factors and their influence
  • Equipment for measuring quality after roasting


  • Stages of a roasting process
  • Physical and chemical changes of coffee beans during roasting
  • How to keep a diary and its meaning
  • Different "styles" of roasting around the world
  • Roasting Profiles & Build roasting profiles for different types of coffee.
  • Ranging profile tracking software
  • Semi-automatic roasting and automatic roasting

Purpose Roasting & Control Quality

  • Coffee cupping: Cupping detects roasting errors and reviews batches
  • Methodology of batch adjustment based on cupping results
  • Roasted according to the purpose: Desired flavor / Desired color...
  • Sample roasting and sample roasting standards
  • Blend: Blend and Standard Methods
  • How to control the quality & stability of the staff's roast (if there is no automated software)


  • Other supporting machinery and equipment besides roasting machines
  • Destoner machine/Fume extraction system/Exhaust gas treatment system/Safety electrical system...
  • Factory standards in Vietnam and the world
  • Production Safety Management


  • Classify commercial coffee lines to high quality
  • Differences and characteristics of each market/customer group.
  • Maintain coffee quality stability.
SCA Modern Roasting Essential
Training according to the COACHING method
​Teachers and students interact in two ways. ​Teachers guide, give situations and suggest. Students rely on the background, infer, and find a solution to the problem. Then discuss and come up with the best solution.
SCA Modern Roasting Essential
Students who fully participate in the course and complete the test are awarded "D'codeS Certification"
SCA Modern Roasting Essential
SCA Certificate in Coffee Roasting, Basic and Intermediate (Additional charge)

Object study

If you are

  • Coffee shop owner
  • Retail store owner
  • Or someone who wants to become a professional coffee roaster, this course is for you.

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