SCA Extraction Professional

SCA Extraction Professional

SCA Extraction Professional

1. Basic knowledge about coffee

  • Overview of coffee bean origin and processing methods
  • The impact of roasting levels on the flavor of coffee through different brewing tools
  • Recognize the relationship between roast level, grind size and flavor

2. Extract analysis

Gravity method

  • Recommended bed depth index and influence of dispensing equipment shape on bed depth
  • The relationship between the structure of the mixing device and the impact on the flavor: V60, Kalita, December

Soaking method

  • In-depth knowledge of soaking tools: French press, Aeropress, Hario
  • Cold brew method: soaking, dripping
  • 7 factors affecting the brewing process

3. Extraction factor

Particle Size Distribution

  • Impact of distribution on extraction and sensory processes. Evaluate the appropriate particle size distribution for each tool
  • Factors affecting grain size distribution: Crispness, Roasting degree, Moisture content

Contact Time

  • Identify ways to vary water contact time during extraction
  • Analyze the impact of changing water contact time on aspects such as sensory, dissolution efficiency and dissolved solids concentration

Water Temperature

  • Influence of extraction rate of different soluble compounds
  • Affects sensory aspects of coffee

Brew Turbulence
Water Quality

  • Recommendations and requirements for water quality such as: TDS, Alkalinity, pH,...

Filter Media

  • The influence of different Filter Media affects the flow rate

Wetting - Drawdown

  • The relationship between Wetting and Drawdown when determining appropriate methods for the wetting stage will affect the soaking results

4. Analysis of the extraction process

Soluble Yield

Solubles Concentration

Vacuum - Siphon; Boiling - Cezve


  • Be aware of Sensory when diluted or undiluted during extraction

5. Application

  • Equipment servicing and maintenance
  • Applying the Extraction Principle to solve the problem of phase profile correction
  • Applying Extraction Principles optimizes equipment, tools and operations to achieve consistent quality

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