PCA Brewing Foundation

PCA Brewing Foundation

The course is for those who love the experience of making manual coffee and want to understand the principles of brewing. Brewing is an activity to remove substances contained in coffee. The difference lies in proper planning, and skillful combination of skills, to extract the desired substances/flavors and prevent unwanted substances/flavors. The course provides the most important foundations, thereby shortening time as well as increasing training effectiveness.


PCA and PCA Standards. Basic knowledge of coffee ingredients
“Degas” and coffee preservation. Coffee roasting level
Basic knowledge of coffee cupping and practice of basic flavor descriptions
PCA Coffee Evaluation Form


Coffee bean structure and coffee brewing process
Ideal extraction/below ideal/over brewing
Factors affecting brewing


Blender: Classification of blender, blender structure, advantages and disadvantages of blender types

Grinding blades: Classification of types of grinding blades, principles and advantages and disadvantages of different types of grinding blades

Grind size and its influence on extraction Adjust the grinder and grind size accordingly


Flow and flow regulation
Mixing Ratio and Water Temperature
*Practice the gravity method
Extraction time
Water quality
*Practice the soaking method
Filtering tools
Correlation of extraction rate and coffee strength
*Practice other preparation methods

(*) Some preparation methods used in the course: V60, Aeropresso, French Press, Syphon, Turkish, Moka Pot, Cold Brew, Cold Drip. Students can bring personal mixing equipment to practice and receive instructions in class (Need to discuss before class starts)

PCA Brewing Foundation
Students who fully participate and complete the tests receive "D'codeS Certificate"
PCA Brewing Foundation
PCA Certificate in Barista Skills, Level 1 (*Free until the end of June 2024) *Students take a practice test and theory test in class
PCA Brewing Foundation
SCA Certificate in Barista Skills Basic Level (Additional fee) *Students take a practice test in class and an online theory test on the SCA system

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